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Ultra-Lower Power I2S Audio Codec with Integrated DSP Features




The Conexant CX20787 is an ultra low-power, I2S audio codec with integrated stereo class-D speaker amplifiers and power-efficient class-G headphone amplifiers. When combined with Conexant's software algorithms and design support, the CX20787 becomes an ideal turnkey solution for applications that require high-quality audio performance such as tablets, ultrabooks, portable media players, and smartphones. The CX20787 satisfies the demand for high-quality audio in these devices while consuming very little power, thus helping to preserve battery life.The Conexant CX20452 Handset Codec is an Integrated Analog (IA) circuit providing modem digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversion. It is packaged in a 24-pin QFN. The CX20452 Codec can serve as a line interface device between a Conexant Modem Data Pump (MDP) and the PSTN. It can also serve as a voice interface between the MDP and a microphone and speaker. The MDP communicates with the CX20452 Codec via a serial interface.

Featuring integrated digital signal processing (DSP), fully configurable hardware EQ and dual-knee dynamic range control (DRC) with reconfigurable inputs or outputs, the CX20787 maximizes speaker loudness without distortion, performs loudness compensation, improves frequency response, protects speakers from over-driving, and extends the microphone pick-up range for Far-Field speakerphone applications. The CX20787 has a pair of ProCoustic™ capless headphone drivers, which eliminate the need for external DC blocking capacitors, and its detect and switch support capabilities support a variety of global headsets. The CX20787 also supports DSP side-port to Conexant's Digital Audio processor, which adds advanced voice preprocessing and low power Wake-on-Voice function in the portable device.


Portable Media Players


  • Capless stereo class-G headphone driver with single-ended external mono mic
  • Stereo differential speaker with class-D amplifier
  • HW audio signal processing including a fully configurable 5-band bi-quad EQ on stereo output and dual-knee stereo DRC with reconfigurable inputs
  • Multiple independent asynchronous sample rate converters (ASRC)
  • Write sequencer to minimize setup and simplify programming
  • Load based speaker protection including power averaging, short circuit, DC protection, over temperature and high pass filtering
  • PopShield circuitry to eliminate pops and clicks
  • Three differential mic/line shared with digital mic ports
  • Two mic bias with programmable microphone boost
  • Stereo digital microphone with programmable clock source
  • Three I2S ports with integrated PLLs
  • Multiple GPIO's with hardware volume control
  • Jack sense with debounce
  • <70uW standby power
  • 4mm x 3.9mm, 72 WLCSP package, -40C to +85C
  • Wind noise filter
  • Sidetone with selectable gain
  • Stereo differential or SE line-outs

 Technical Documents

Product BriefPBR-CX20787-001.pdfPBR-CX20787-001CX20787 Ultra Low-Power I2S Audio Codec with Integrated Digital Signal Processing Features
1/4/2013 6:12 PM

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