Product Overview

The Conexant® AudioSmart™ CX20888 is a single-chip solution for headset applications. Its Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) eliminates up to 30 dB of external sound, for a clearer, more enjoyable listening experience.

Features CX20888
Host Interface USB / UART / I2C / I2S/PCM / SPI / SPDIF
Digital Audio Peripheral Bridge Interface No
Integrated Speaker Amplifier No
On-Chip Signal Processing EQ / DRC
Digital Signal Processing Conexant’s dual-core 32-bit hardware fixed point DSP up to 200MHz
Processor ARM Cortex M0+
Memory 504KB in SRAM
Analog Stereo Inputs 2
Digital Microphone Inputs 2
Speaker Support No
Integrated Stereo Cap-free Headphone Amplifiers 1
Integrated Headset Support Yes
GPIOs 28
Google button detection In-line detection up to 5
LED Driver Tri-color (RGB) PWM
Package 81 pin BGA