Product Overview

The CX20745 is one of Conexant’s embedded audio solutions specifically designed for compact consumer electronics such as mobile Internet devices, Smartbooks, and web tablets. The low-power, energy-efficient device features a proprietary in-line configurable DSP, CODEC, stereo filterless class-D amplifier with spread spectrum EMI dispersion technology, capless headphone driver, and I2S interface in a cost-effective single-chip package. The DSP runs a suite of turnkey audio post-processing effects for enhanced sound quality.
Features CX20745
Host Interface I2S/I2C
Digital Audio Peripheral Bridge Interface No
Integrated Speaker Amplifier Yes
On-Chip Signal Processing EQ / DRC / AGC
Analog Stereo Inputs 3
Digital Microphone Inputs 2
Speaker Support 4.0
Integrated Stereo Cap-free Headphone Amplifiers 1
Integrated Headset Support Yes
Package 48 QFN